Adverb > Exactly

Adverb – Exactly

(more exactly; most exactly)

1 : used to stress that something is accurate, complete, or correct

The mansion has exactly 33 rooms.

I know exactly where they went.

The two rooms are exactly the same size.

When exactly are they supposed to arrive? = Exactly when are they supposed to arrive?

2 informal : used in speech to say that what someone has said is exactly correct or that you agree with it completely

“So you think we should take an earlier flight?” “Exactly.” (=yes, that’s exactly what I think)

“It’s just not worth the trouble.” “Exactly.”

3 : in a correct or precise way

The levers need to be exactly positioned.

in a way that agrees completely with what is needed

You need to do exactly (=just, precisely) as you’re told.

4 : in every way

That was exactly the wrong thing to do.

He is exactly what a good student ought to be.