Noun > Error

Noun – Error

1 : something that is not correct : a wrong action or statement : MISTAKE


I made an error in my calculations.

They uncovered several errors in his report to the committee.

The paper contains numerous spelling errors.


horrifying cases of hospital error

The accident was caused by human error. (=by a mistake made by a person)

2 (count) : a mistake made by a person who is playing a sport (such as baseball or tennis)

The shortstop was charged with an error.

in error

1 : not correct

I believe your conclusion is in error. (=incorrect, mistaken)

The judge was in error when she allowed the evidence to be admitted.

2 : in a way that is not correct

My earlier statement was made in error. (=my earlier statement was incorrect)

The evidence was admitted in error. (=incorrectly, mistakenly)

margin of/for error

the error of your ways

– To see, recognize, acknowledge, etc., the error of your ways is to admit that you have been doing something wrong or behaving badly and to stop doing it.

Congress recognized the error of its ways and repealed the law.

He publicly acknowledged the error of his ways and asked for forgiveness.