Verb > Peg

(+ object)

1 a : to fasten (something) with pegs

Is the tent pegged down all the way?

(Brit) She was outside pegging the laundry to the clothesline.

b : to put a peg into (something)

He pegged the boards.

2 a : to keep (something, such as a price) at a particular level or rate

peg the price of wheat at its current level

b : to link (something) to another amount or value

The foreign currency is pegged to the U.S. dollar. (=its value changes when the U.S. dollar’s value does)

His bonus is pegged to how many sales he makes each year for the company.

3 informal : to think of or identify (someone) as a certain kind of person

The salesman had me pegged (=understood what kind of person I am) in a matter of minutes.

— usually + as

She pegged him right away as a nice guy.

— sometimes + for

She had him pegged for a liar.