Adjective > Irresistible

Adjective > Irresistible (more irresistible; most irresistible) impossible to resist especially because of strength or attractiveness The force of the waves was irresistible. She had an irresistible (=very strong) craving for chocolate. Women find him irresistible. (=women think he is Read More …

Adjective > Adorable

Adjective > Adorable (more adorable; most adorable) very appealing or attractive : very lovable He is an adorable (=delightful) child. They live in an adorable little cottage. — adorably adverb an adorably cute child

Adjective > Nutritious

Adjective > Nutritious (more nutritious; most nutritious) having substances that a person or animal needs to be healthy and grow properly : promoting good health and growth highly nutritious salad greens The food was both nutritious and delicious.