18 Strange and Funny Food Packaging and Label Fails

Have you ever been walking through a supermarket when suddenly a totally bizarre food label jumped out at you? “That can’t be right,” you think to yourself. “Maybe there was a mistake at the factory.”

Perhaps these funky labels are a result of a regional or foreign delicacy, like the Brit’s “Spotted Dick” or “Wet Nelly,” (both real food names, by the way), or maybe it really is a typo or misspelling. Maybe it was a flat-out labeling mistake. Either way, no matter how these funny food labels came to be, there’s no denying that they are so funny and strange that you will no doubt do a double-take when you see them on the shelf. Check out 18 food label fails that probably won’t make you hungry, but they’ll definitely make you laugh!

01 Back Off, Prudes! No Soup for You!

We are not sure what flavor this soup is, but then again, we don’t want to find out.

02 That Explains Why Shrimp Is So Addictive

Yes, because fish flavoring is what has been missing from your bland old crack cocaine all this time. Mmm, these are some briney drugs.

03 Oh, Crap!

Mmm, that’s good crap!

04 We DO Love Grandma

My grandmother was awesome, but to be honest she kind of smelled like a not-so-delicious mixture of mothballs and drug store perfume. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it definitely doesn’t sound very appetizing.

05 We Doubt Cadbury Would Approve

Three for a pound and a half? What a rip off. I know where you can get tons of STDs free. (College. It’s called college.)

06 These Will Make You Barf

You didn’t tell me we were having BARFY burgers! Yum — make mine a double!

07 Would Ass Fudge Be…

We imagine their company slogan is something along the lines of, “Milk, milk, lemonade. ‘Round the corner, fudge is made.”

But we could be wrong. (It’s happened before.)

08 It’s Delicious AND Nutritious

We don’t mean to be a pain, but could I possibly get my loaf of bread without semen? Because, gross.

09 If You Love Children

You simply MUST try the stir fried children from Whole Foods. So tender!

10 Hope You’re Not Marie!

Finger Marie? But I barely even know her!

11 We Might Be Allergic to THOSE Nuts

What did those poor monkeys ever do to you?

12 Mmmm… Cookies and… Ass?

Dat ass(es). Cut me off a piece of D’ass.

In other news, I believe this is the official cookie of the Kardashian family.

13 No Artificial Ingredients

No fillers; just pure, chunky puke balls. *URP*

14 Ever Heard of Deep Throat?

Swallow Balls? Really? Sounds like a *wink wink* adult movie title, if you know what I’m saying. And I think you do.

15 They Really Should Have Looked This Up in the Dictionary

Show of hands: Who wants a nice piping hot mug of Urinal? Mmm, salty.

16 Could Have Been Worse

You had ONE job: Wrap plastic around corn on the cob and slap a label on it. Was that so difficult?!

17 Nope!

Creamy, milky white Cemen Dip, anyone? Anyone?

Nah, didn’t think so.

18 Perfect for Your Colonoscopy Party

I’m no doctor, but I think if there’s cream in your collon (SIC), you might need to seek some medical help ASAP.