Disassemble vs Dissemble

Some words not only sound alike but they also look alike, leaving people doubly confused with how to use them. This is the case with the terms disassemble and dissemble. Despite disassemble being a longer word than dissemble, it is understandable to interchange them at first glance. Their pronunciations also have similar elements, which further adds to the confusion. This post will help you identify the differences between these two to allow you to use them properly in your sentences.

The word disassemble is used as a verb meaning “to take apart,” or “to disconnect the pieces of something,” or “to disperse or scatter”.

Apple Announces Robot, ‘Daisy’, Created To Disassemble iPhones
CBS Philly

Thieves disassemble, steal parts from church van one week before Christmas
ABC Action News

Protein Structures Assemble and Disassemble On Command
Duke Today

Meanwhile, the term dissemble also functions as a verb which means “to hide under a false appearance,” “to conceal one’s true motives, feelings, or beliefs,” or “to put on the appearance of.”

Morning Bits: When not even Sarah Huckabee Sanders will dissemble for you
The Washington Post

The couple’s hidden funds, dissembled in Switzerland, Singapore, and on the Isle of Man, amounted to an estimated €3.5 million.

White House of lies: John Kelly and Trump’s staff dissemble about the ousting of Rob Porter
New York Daily News

Now that we’ve distinguished between disassemble and dissemble, you should be able to utilize them in your sentences more accurately. Keep in mind that disassemble is about taking apart something while dissemble is used to refer to hiding under a false appearance.