1 a : [+ object] : to form or press (something, such as wax, plastic, clay, or dough) into a particular shape

mold dough into loaves of bread

1 b : [+ object] : to make (something) from a material that has been formed or pressed

mold loaves of bread

She gave her mother a tiny statue that she molded from clay.

The mountains were molded  [=formed, shaped]  by the glaciers over thousands of years.

2 : [+ object] : to make (something) by pouring or pressing material (such as wax or plastic) into a mold

The art class spent its time molding candles.

mold plastic toys

molded plastic chair

3 : [+ object] : to create, influence, or affect the character of (someone or something)

She has dedicated her life to teaching and molding young children into responsible adults.

molding young minds

He took a struggling company and molded it into something special.

4 : [no object] : to fit to the shape of something

This new mattress pad will mold to your body  [=it will change its shape to fit your body]  when you sleep on it.

The fabric is thin and flexible and will mold to your shape.

— molder (US) noun, plural molders

He sees himself as a molder of world events.

molder of young minds