Noun > Decline

Noun – Decline

1 : the process of becoming worse in condition or quality


a period of economic decline

He says that American industry is in a state of decline.

There was a general feeling that the country was in decline. (=was becoming less powerful, wealthy, etc.)

The town fell/went into decline after the factory closed down.

(count) — usually singular

He has experienced a decline in health.

the decline and fall of the Roman empire

The company’s products suffered a decline in quality.

a gradual physical/mental decline

2 : a change to a lower number or amount


The economy experienced a decline of two million jobs.

We saw a sharp/steep decline in sales this month.

Declines led advances at the end of the trading day.


There was some decline in stock prices at the end of the trading session.

on the decline

becoming worse in condition or less in size, amount, number, etc. : declining

His health is on the decline.

Sales are on the decline.