Noun > Loop

Noun – Loop


1 a : a curved part or shape made when something long and thin (such as a rope or thread) bends so that it touches or crosses over itself

a closed loop of rope

a wire with a loop at the end

a loop of string/thread

1 b : something that is shaped like a loop

They rowed along a loop in the river.

The road formed a loop around the pond.

letters formed with lots of loops

1 c : a ring or curved piece used for holding something

a belt loop

2 : an action in which an airplane flies in an upright circle perpendicular to the ground

The pilot did/performed a loop.

3 : a piece of film or tape with the ends joined together so that the same pictures or sounds are repeated continuously; also : a recording that is repeated continuously

The computer-generated images are shown on a continuous loop.

4 computers : a series of instructions that are repeated in a computer program until a specified condition is met

5 the loop : a group of people who know about or have influence or control over something — usually used in the phrases in the loop and out of the loop

She wants to stay in the loop as these changes are being considered.

He claims that he was kept out of the loop when the decision to sell the company was being made.