Pedal vs Peddle

Some words sound alike but actually have different meanings and uses, causing some people to misuse or interchange them. They are called homophones. The terms pedal and peddle are examples of homophones that often leads to confusion among people. This post will help you identify their differences and enable you to use them properly in your writing.

The word pedal is commonly used as a noun referring to “a lever pressed by the foot in the playing of a musical instrument such as an organ or piano” or “a foot lever or treadle by which a part is activated in a mechanism.”

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It may also function as a verb meaning “to push the pedals of something, such as a bicycle”.

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On the other hand, the term peddle is used as a verb meaning “try to sell something, especially small goods, by going from house to house or place to place.”

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Now that we’ve distinguished between pedal and peddle, you should be able to use them in your sentences with more accuracy. Keep in mind that pedal refers to either the foot lever of its use while peddle pertains to trying to sell items by carrying them around.