Sew vs So vs Sow

Another set of homphones that cause confusion includes the words sewso, and sow. Although these three terms sound very much alike, their uses and meanings are far from similar. This post will present their definitions along with examples so you can identify which word is more appropriate to use in your sentence.

The word sew is used as a verb which means “to join, fasten, or repair something by making stitches with a needle and thread or a sewing machine.”

Sew it, code it, build it: Makers gonna make this weekend at Denver Maker Faire
The Denver Post

LTHS Students to sew customized ties for 10 staff members
Chicago Tribune

Days for Girls sew 100 invaluable gifts for those in need
Gladstone Observer

In relation to the term, there is a verb phrase “sew something up” which means “to bring something to a favourable conclusion” or “achieve exclusive control over something.”

Central Valley routs Lewis and Clark to sew up GSL 4A title
The Spokesman-Review

Online apparel retailer Stitch Fix aims to sew up its own IPO
San Francisco Business Times

Meanwhile, the word so functions as an adverb meaning “to such a great extent” or “to the same extent.”

12 Things That Made Getting A Dog So Much Easier For Me
BuzzFeed News

Golden Knights reminded us why sports can matter so much
New York Post

An Appetizer So Good It Should Be Dinner
New York Times

It can also serve as a conjunction which means “and for this reason” or “in order that.”

The fridge that sends you shelfies… so you’ll never need a shopping list again
Daily Mail

As goes Pennsylvania’s congressional delegation, so goes Congress
Washington Examiner

NY Times changes social media guidelines so reporters don’t appear biased
Fox News

On the other hand, the term sow can be used as a noun referring to “an adult female swine and of various other animals” or “a channel that conducts molten metal to molds.”

Research finds ADM’s CitriStim enhances sow reproductive performance
National Hog Farmer

Thai agribusiness Betagro to move away from sow crates
Pig Progress

It may also be used as a verb meaning “to plant seed for growth especially by scattering” or “to set something in motion.”

Hindu festival Dashain begins in Nepal with sowing of maize, barley
Outlook India

Ken Burns: How Vietnam War sowed the seeds of a divided America
The Guardian

Early sowing offers best results in southern high rainfall zone
Grain Central

Now that we’ve discussed the different uses and meanings of sewso, and sow, can you write your own sentences using the three terms on the comment section below?