Soar vs Sore

Do birds soar or sore high into the sky?

Are your feet sore or soar from walking for an hour after your car broke down?

It is not uncommon for you to ask these questions since soar and sore are homophones, two or more words having the same pronunciation but different meanings, origins, or spelling. This post will guide you in distinguishing between these terms in terms of their uses and meanings so you can use them properly when you write.

The word soar is used as a verb meaning “to fly aloft or about” or “to sail or hover in the air often at a great height.”

Watch gliders fly and architecture soar on a La Jolla clifftop
Los Angeles Times

“They found that when an albatross banks or turns to dive down and soar up, it should do this in shallow arcs – keeping almost to a straight, forwards track. “
Daily Mail

Rams are not ready to soar like Eagles
Los Angeles Times

As a verb, it may also mean “to rise or increase dramatically as in position, value, or price” or “to ascend to a higher or more exalted level.”

Samsung Elec on track for record third quarter as chips soar

Afghan civilian casualties soar as US ramps up airstrikes
The Express Tribune

12 Reasons Biking Will Continue to Soar in Popularity

On the other hand, the term sore is most commonly used as an adjective which means “painful or aching,” usually associated with a body part.

Sore throat? Forget honey and lemon – try some MOSS: Plant helps to reduce pain and stop germs multiplying – without the dangers of paracetamol
Daily Mail

LeBron James Questionable for Season Opener With Sore Ankle
SLAM Online

Corey Seager says his sore right elbow is ‘OK’
Los Angeles Times

It may also function as a noun referring to “a raw or painful place on the body.”

If the Boy Had Pneumonia, Why Did He Have Odd Sores on His Body?
New York Times

‘Drink Medicine’ Works As Well As Injection To Treat Skin Sores

Sore mouth suspected in Yellowstone sheep
Bozeman Daily Chronicle

Now that we’ve discussed the different meanings and uses of soar and sore, you will be able to distinguish between the two and use them appropriately in your sentences. Remember that soar is related to flying while sore is related to pain.