Structures with have

Talking about things you possess

I have + (noun)

This is the most common structure used to talk about possessions, relationships, illnesses etc.

She’s a good job.

He’s a dog.

I’ve a sister.

Ram has an apartment in the city.

Ann has an expensive car.

I’ve a bad cold.

She’s a very nice personality.

The structure can’t /won’t have is used to talk about things that you cannot or will not allow or tolerate.

I won’t have smoking in my house. (= I won’t allow smoking in my house.)

I cannot have you over tonight.

She won’t have it any other way.

Talking about things you have done in the past

I have + (past participle)

This structure is used to talk about things that you have done in the past. You can use you have/ he has/she has/they have etc., to talk about things that other people have done.

I’ve done it.

I’ve tried parasailing.

She’s written several books.

I’ve read that novel.

I’ve written six letters since morning.

I’ve been to this place before.

I have collected all the evidence.

I’ve visited Australia.

She’s acted in a film.

I have watched a live concert.

I’ve seen him before.

She has visited all the continents on earth.