Verb > Dissolve

Verb – Dissolve

1 of something solid : to mix with a liquid and become part of the liquid

(no object)

Sugar/salt dissolves in water.

(+ object)

Dissolve the tablet in water.

2 (+ object) formal : to officially end (something, such as a marriage, organization, or agreement)

She dissolved (=terminated) their partnership.

— often used as (be) dissolved

The marriage/business/government was dissolved.

The company has been dissolved.

3 somewhat formal : to end or disappear or cause (something) to end or disappear

(no object)

His smile dissolved (=disappeared) when I told him the news.

Hopes for peace dissolved in renewed violence.

(+ object)

His kind words dissolved her sadness.

The treatment is used to dissolve kidney stones.

– If you dissolve in/into tears/laughter, etc., you start to cry, laugh, etc., in an uncontrolled way.

The audience dissolved into tears during the play’s final scene.

The children dissolved into laughter/giggles.

dissolvable /dɪˈzɑːlvəbəl/ adjective

The doctor used dissolvable stitches to close the wound.