Verb > Steep

to put (something) in a liquid for a period of time

(+ object)

Steep the tea for three minutes.

(no object)

The tea steeped for five minutes.

steep in (phrasal verb)

1 steep (someone) in (something) : to make (someone) know and understand a lot about (something)

Prior to his trip, he spent a few weeks steeping himself in the language. (=learning a lot about the language)

— often used as (be) steeped in

She was steeped in the classics. (=she had learned a lot about the classics)

2 — used as (be) steeped in to say that there is a lot of something in a place, time, etc.

an area steeped in history (=an area where many important historical events occurred)

It was a time in the nation’s history that was steeped in bloodshed. (=a time when there was a lot of bloodshed)