To neglect things or people is to pay them no attention or to fail to take care of them.

So, something negligible is so small or so unimportant that it doesn’t require anyone’s care or attention.

NEG ludge uh bull

Part of speech:
Adjective: “a negligible effect,” “the risk is negligible.”

Other forms:
Negligibly, negligibility.
A less common adjective is “neglectable,” but I recommend sticking with “negligible.”

How to use it:
Use this common, formal word to talk about negligible changes and differences, negligible impacts and effects, negligible gains and losses, negligible risks and costs, and negligible levels, amounts, numbers, and totals.

He has an excellent sense of humor about his short stature and thin limbs, describing his own mass as negligible.

“The new animated Lego movie is pretty much like the last one. Or maybe I’m thinking of another one, not that it much matters. There are differences between editions, most fairly negligible. The unifying factor … is that they are all feature-length commercials.”